Making Planning Fun and Engaging

The LightStance platform evolved from a simple question our founder Lamont received during a risk assessment he performed several years ago: “Is there a way to make this more fun and engaging?” That’s when we began developing the risk assessment playing cards deck. As we received more feedback from clients, we continued to add cards to the deck and layers to the process of assessing risk.

As the system continued to evolve, the conversations became more in depth and yielded broader insights.  It became apparent that the card deck approach, which focused on operations, sales & marketing, human resources, finance, and technology, had opened up important strategic discussions beyond risk assessment.

Our Clients Respond

One client at the time told us, “I’ve learned more in the last 3 hours about our company than in the last 3 years.” This was the moment we knew we needed to expand the deck and intentionally build in conversations around opportunities, goals, and values in addition to the risk assessment discussions that our clients found so valuable.

Today, not only does our intuitive, gamified platform help companies make strategic plans by uncovering opportunities, identifying risks, and defining their mission and values, but it also drives measurable results. Our execution features help leaders see the financial impact and urgency of projects, enabling teams to act on them in meaningful ways. In addition to our business strategy solution, we’ve also developed a personal strategy solution using the same methodology, which helps individuals develop a plan and bring their personal vision to life.

The Future of LightStance

Up to this point, our focus has been on materials, processes, and software. In 2020, our goal is to make LightStance even more powerful and simple by leveraging artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies.