Is Your Organization Leading Change or Falling Behind?

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Cultural Impact

LightStance helps instill discipline, create understanding, gain consensus and develop focus to identify and make the right calls for the betterment of everyone involved, creating a strong “one for all!” culture.

Strategic Impact

The methodology followed creates sustainable success, year after year by navigating internal and external changes while continuing to focus daily on achieving your mission. As situations change, strategy must adapt.

Financial Impact

The LightStance program’s financial discipline ensures the right projects are prioritized for execution based upon tangible metrics.  Allocation of limited resources to what is most beneficial is your leadership team’s top responsibility.


How Does LightStance Business Work?

LightStance is a platform that harnesses the power of people and technology to deliver unprecedented planning and execution efficiency.  It’s all about maximizing the likelihood of successful outcomes!  To make this happen, LightStance leverages all of the following:

Process: Use the platform to craft & execute a world class plan to achieve your mission & realize your vision.

Content: Explore thought catalysts to rapidly develop meaningful discussion & prioritize opportunity & risk.

Automation: Revise plans as they are impacted by uncertainty & change, with automated reporting.

Facilitation: Leverage professional consultants & coaches to guide the process & promote accountability.

Workshops: Participate in professionally facilitated workshops that deliver results at light speed.

Cohorts: Join like minded people to learn from global subject matter experts to achieve success.


  • Unlimited plans & projects
  • Cohort access to 2021 calendar
  • Thoughts catalysts for world class plan development
  • Remote 24/7 cloud access
  • Realtime report automation


  • Maximize ROI, boost profits & organization strength
  • Rapid planning & execution to achieve success now
  • Build consensus easily with remote or in-person workshops
  • Facilitate world class plan development & brainstorming
  • Save hours with automatic data collection & reporting

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