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Functional Expertise

  • Education / Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Workforce Development

Industry Expertise

  • Education / Training
  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofits


  • Doctor of Liberal Studies of Information Studies, Columbia University
  • Masters of Liberal Studies, State University of New York Albany
  • BA, State University of New York New Paltz
  • Certificado del Curso Media, Universidad do Salmanca


Dr. Dyer is a Principal of ExecHQ, a consulting practice with over 140 experts in the US and abroad. Dr. Dyer is an expert in 501(c)(3) organizations and global health. She has successfully led small to midsize nonprofits, built and managed effective boards of directors and volunteer programs. Her ability to develop strategic alliances that advance mission and meet corporate, foundation, and funders’ priorities has been a hallmark of her career.

In addition to her professional career, in 2001, Dr. Dyer founded ArtEgg Studios (artegg.com), a multi-use commercial building in New Orleans. ArtEgg was a 50,000 sq ft produce warehouse and today is a sought-after workspace for more than 50 artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Previously, she served as President and CEO of National Medical Fellowships, Inc. (NMF) from 2006 – 2020. NMF is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to building the next generation of healthcare leaders. And as Executive Director of the American-Italian Cancer Foundation and the US Representative of the European School of Oncology (2001- 2006), after prior leadership positions with the March of Dimes and Empire BlueCross Blue Shield.

Dr. Dyer is the author is three monographs, over 25 articles, and has been the editor of two journals: New York Medical College Health Sciences Journal and US Asia. She is past International President (2010-2012), and a Board Member of Circumnavigators Club Foundation.

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