Kelly Petrock LinkedIn The LEAD Institute

Functional Expertise

  • Change Management
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Leadership Development
  • Management / Executive
  • Manufacturing / Operations

Industry Expertise

  • Automotive
  • Construction / Facilities / Engineering
  • Government / Defense / Military
  • Manufacturing / Industrials
  • Pharmaceutical / Biotech


  • Psychology & Communications, Hope College
  • Organizational Development, Eastern University


Experienced in state-of-the-art organization development techniques, Kelly is a savvy big picture thinker. He works closely with clients to design and deliver innovative approaches and interventions for lasting and systemic change. Kelly’s work results in readily implemented plans and strategies that are supported and understood by the entire organization. Clients have repeatedly leveraged his expertise in the “soft” aspects of leadership, team and organizational to achieve “hard” business results.

Kelly has consulted and provided training for companies in Canada, Europe, South East Asia and the United States, Europe and He has facilitated the implementation of large-scale organizational change with many of the world’s leading corporations, including: General Dynamcis, Allied Signal, Raytheon, ABB, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, NSK, Freudenberg,and Motorola. He brings with him sound academic and applied experience in leadership, team and organizational development. Some of his specific areas of expertise are:

  • Organizational/Culture Change
  • Leadership Team Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Executive & Managerial Coaching
  • Frontline/Supervisor Leadership Development
  • Self-Managing Work Teams
  • Meeting / Retreat Facilitation
  • Design & Implementation
  • Managing for Performance Improvement

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