Randy Rollins LinkedIn Website Focus4U, LLC

Functional Expertise

  • Business Development
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Leadership Development
  • Management / Executive
  • Manufacturing / Operations

Industry Expertise

  • Automotive
  • Construction / Facilities / Engineering
  • Manufacturing / Industrials


  • MBA - Operations Management, Finance, University of Iowa
  • BBA - Accounting, Economics, University of Cincinnati
  • Strategy and Leadership Development, IMD International
  • Leadership Training for Managers, Dale Carnegie Institute


Randy Rollins is a results driven leader with 25+ years of CEO/President/GM and business ownership experience. A strong record of career success with leading small and mid-sized manufacturing companies in automotive, custom engineered products, and retail fronts have served as the inspiration for Focus4U Coaching and Consult.

The pragmatics of your small or mid-sized business dictates that you must be engaged in your business to make it function! Randy is empathetic and understands your reality! He has learned and mastered the ability to focus himself, and his clients and their teams to work “on the business” and create changes while working “in the business”.

By offering independent, customized business planning for his clients, Randy recognizes that no two businesses are the same yet they must all create focus to develop, grow, and win. He works directly with you the client to create your unique focus and solutions.

Randy will help you in these areas:

– Strategic Planning and Execution – Complete strategic mapping and creation of your action plans.
– Operational Accountability – Develop a strong accountability system to keep your business on track.
– Business Turn Arounds – Urgent planning needs to make radical changes and get your business profitable ASAP.
– Culture Change – Your company is “stuck” with the way things have always been done and this must change.
– Acquisition, Divestiture, or Carve-Out Prep – Transitioning or expanding your business.

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