Are You Investing In Yourself?

“investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” ― Robin S. Sharma

Intentional Focus

LightStance makes it clear & easy to understand what is important and how you want your life to be.  With the picture of the future you desire in mind, you can easily assess what to do and what not to do so your time, energy & resources are spent wisely.

Personal Development

The best and most efficient way to a better life is by becoming better.  Using the picture of the future you created for yourself, LightStance helps identify and prioritize the best ways to consider growing to develop into the next better version of you.

Quality of Life

Hard work ought to be rewarded with a better quality of life.  With a solid plan developed using LightStance, you can vastly improve the quality of and enjoyment in your life for you and your loved ones, with a clear path on how to get there.

How Does LightStance Personal Work?

LightStance LiFE is a planning and execution program that leverages best practices from adult education, gamification, collaborative cloud software and coaching to simplify personal goal setting and commitment prioritization that enhance every participant’s quality of life.

Process: Easy to follow path to zero in on and create the plan to shape the life you desire.

Content: Thought provoking topics that help to clarify the things most important to you.

Workshops: Workshops help make light work of planning so that you can execute at light speed.

Automation: By capturing your personal insights and developing your plan in the cloud, LiFE will produce your plan efficiently and effectively.

Consulting: Professionally trained and experienced coaches are available to guide you and offer sensible accountability.

Cohorts: Nationally recognized leaders in personal development lead groups of life learners to develop improved personal strategies.


  • Custom success plan
  • Access to 2021 LiFE cohorts
  • Invite coach, mentors, friends
  • Remote 24/7 cloud access
  • Journaling to track progress & organize notes
  • Real time report automation


  • Improve all areas of your life
  • Rapid planning & execution to achieve success quickly
  • Include other in your life to contribute toward your success
  • Facilitate world class plan development & brainstorming
  • Automated data collection & organization to easily follow plan

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