LightStance BUSiNESS

$500.00 / month

LightStance® BUSiNESS is a platform for organizations taking charge of their future by developing and achieving vision.  The platform is a combination of content, methods and software powered by a very streamlined step by step process to craft and execute powerfully impactful plans for business.


  • 1 – monthly subscription license
  • Unlimited projects per license
  • Unlimited users per project
  • Core & specialty business content

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Key Benefits

  • Increase profitability & performance (sales, costs, throughput, culture, quality, etc.) and better direct the future direction of your organization, division or department
  • Create a plan for your organization or department in 30 to 60 days with a list of impactful projects that will improve performance and increase output
  • Collaborate remotely with your team using an engaging platform for planning
  • Instill robust accountability practices with the executive level update tools
  • Prioritize projects quickly with easy to use financial tools to rank by ROI (NPV, IRR and payback)
  • Automated real-time report generation into Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint eliminates hours of creating, revising and updating reports and presentations

Key Features

  • Core Business Topics: Finance, Operations, Technology, Human Resources (HR), Sales & Marketing
  • Specialty Business Topics: Startups, Turnarounds, Diversity & Inclusion, Non-Profits, etc.
  • Streamlined process to get impactful results quickly, begin execution in 30-60 days
  • Easy to use intuitive software to gather data and keep it organized
  • Ability to invite leaders, colleagues, staff, subject matter experts, business coaches and accountability partners to projects online
  • Automated real-time report & presentation generation to .docx, .pptx and .xlsx formats
  • Training for 2 internal facilitators