Simple execution. Robust results.

Where consultants often hide behind complexity, we take the opposite approach. We don’t push “black box” formulas or complicated process flow charts – just human interaction that offers perspective and drives discussion with powerful supporting tools.

Who knows your business best? Those who are in it. That is why we believe that there is tremendous creativity and expertise within your leadership team waiting to be contribute to an amazing strategic plan. People just need a process and a platform to unlock their potential. That's where LIGHTSTANCE can help you create the strategic plan that shapes the future state of your company.

LightStance Drives Efficiency


For strategic planning to succeed, executive leadership and key subject matter experts must be engaged in the process. Brainstorming on an empty canvas or peering through checklists does little to be engaging, because it opposes human nature and is generally not an efficient use of time. 

Paired with a simple gaming mat, we expedite the process with LIGHTSTANCE developed decks of cards that help you rapidly consider, identify and prioritize key Risks and impactful Opportunities relevant to your strategy and goals.  There is one Risk and one Opportunity deck each business function; Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, and Leadership Strategy as well as specialty decks. Each deck contains thought provoking topics specific enough to be meaningful but general enough to be applicable so your team starts immediately developing a strategic plan that will drastically change the trajectory of your organization.


To get from point A to point B, it’s easiest to follow a clear path with a well-trained guide to help you reach your destination. Therefore LIGHTSTANCE designed the program to be led by certified facilitators who are trained to listen intently and elicit participation while adhering to the LIGHTSTANCE process and timeline. This way executives get the most out of their time together by focusing on a developing and executing a strong strategic plan rather than focusing on the managing the complexity of the strategic planning process. In essence LIGHTSTANCE has stacked the deck with truly talented professionals who are energized by discovery and attracted to accountability.


LIGHTSTANCE boosts communication in two ways. By bringing leadership together for a workshop centered around pre-vetted topics, participants can spend their time analyzing and discussing items that will significantly enhance performance and understand the points of view of their teammates. The primary focus of each workshop is to engage your team members in multiple insightful conversations. Secondarily, the color commentary and outcomes of each conversation are captured in the cloud-based software to construct your strategy step by step with complete consensus.


Income statements and balance sheets are fiction, but cash flow is reality. Your current financial situation will affect your strategic plans. Finance becomes “the elephant in the room” as your team discovers the impact on cash flow from opportunities and risks. These critical insights help define actions that are within your organization’s risk-taking capacity. Each action is measured and mapped to goals, opportunties and risks.


An idea without action is just that, an idea. Therefore, LIGHTSTANCE does not stop once a plan is created. Post workshop, activity begins on the highest priority actions that will support your goals. Each action becomes a project with defined scope, project metrics, accountable project managers, required financial and human resources, and time-based deliverables. Only through execution can we capture a meaningful return on investment.