Drive Strategy

The most comprehensive platform for
strategy planning and execution.

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Our Mission: Drive Strategy™

How We Do This

We developed an innovative platform combining the best educational techniques, content and materials paired with highly intuitive software that simplifies and automates the work of strategic planing.

What Our Platform Does


LightStance strives to simplify and enhance the complicated strategic planning process so that you can keep the focus on what’s most important to you. Our entire platform develops focus on identification and prioritization of what is most impactful for your unique set of circumstances.


Without strategy, execution is aimless.  Develop a world class strategic plan with ease in 30 to 60 days.  The planning aspect of the gamified platform combines materials, facilitation and software to make planning easy, enjoyable and efficient.


Without execution, strategy is useless. Our execution tracking tool is simple, quick and powerful for executive-level reporting.  As updates roll in, the real-time automated reporting at your fingertips to share or print.

How Our Platform Does It

Streamlined Process

LightStance saves time with a robust 7 step process incorporating lean mfg. and six sigma principles to eliminate waste, boost quality and maximize results. The entire platform (materials, software, facilitation) supports a highly effective and efficient process so that you can focus on crafting & executing your best plan, not managing the complexities of strategic planning and management of executing the plan.


Intuitive Software

The LightStance developed cloud platform simplifies strategy planning and execution while still providing all the crucial details that are important to you.  The software directs focus on the current process step so that time, energy and money is invested rather than wasted. All data entered into the system is reported out in the report generator and 100% exportable.

Powerful Content

Rather than starting with a blank piece of paper or laborious checklists, LightStance provides relevant content and powerful techniques at each step along the process enabling you to drive engagement, energize strategic thinking and build a consensus. Our specialized allows you to make a customized plan that is not only executable but also delivers impactful results.

Key Benefits

Ease of Use: Intuitive software….

Engagement is Easy: Advanced techniques pull people in….

Highly Organized: There are no sticky notes, flipcharts, spreadsheets or checklists to lug around and keep track of.  Each step in the process is captured in the system, building each time upon the prior work so the plan is built up rather than pulled together.

Easy to Communicate: Anyone granted access to the software can easily share reports with those needing updates on strategic plans and execution….

Easy to Collaborate: Anyone granted access to the software can contribute to the plan regardless of their location, ultimately saving you the stress of finding in-person meeting times when there are conflicting schedules.

Gain Deep Insights:

Executive Level Execution Tracking: The tracking portion of the platform is a repository for executive-level updates so that the 4 disciplines of execution can be easily applied.

Report Automation: No more compiling notes from flip charts, little sticky notes, recordings or trying to recall from memory.  As a meeting on the plan is held, notes are updated in real-time in the system.  At the end of the meeting, the report generator can be used to provide an update Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel document that you can instantly share.  Of course, since these are Microsoft Office documents, you can customize them as you see fit.